OrgTech Review #9

That Planning Suite live on Rinkeby, Aragon Network Vote #2, Ellcrys Quarterly Update, and more!

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Most clicked: Tweet summary of Thibauld Favre's Coinfund talk, 2019 is the year of DAOs - Now we urgently need robust Consensus protocols for the People, What Types Of Organizations Should Be Autonomous?.

Project News


  • Aragon Network Vote #2 starts today (April 25) at 4pm UTC. Check out the final details and this recap of the proposals being considered.

Aragon Black


  • That Planning Suite is now live on the Rinkeby testnet. This suite of apps extends Aragon's functionality, with project management integrated into GitHub, budgeting and allocation for more complex proposals, reward/dividend payments, and an on-chain address book for identifying Ethereum addresses.

Continuous Organizations (by Fairmint)

  • Last week's Coinfund talk was recorded and published. Check it out here.


  • The biggest threat to Genesis. Matan Field (Founder) recounts a hurdle he faced in the "soft" off-chain governance of DAOstack's first DAO (Genesis). He argues that norms are the biggest threat to the scalability, and therefore success, of DAOs.



Brain Food

  • The State Of The DAOs: Another issue in the memetic "2019 is the Year of the DAO" series, this time with an in-depth overview of past, present, and upcoming DAOs. Touches on Bitcoin, Dash, "The DAO", Maker, Aragon, Digix, Moloch, DAOstack, Gnosis' dxDAO, and PolkaDAO.

  • Aligning Incentives: Ezra Weller (DAOstack) explores how stakeholder theory can be applied to the question of decentralised governance, particularly Ethereum's developer funding debate.

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